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Autoflight Reduction Gearboxes

Reduction Gearboxes Gallery

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Autoflight 140N engine on first run

Autoflight long nose type, suit standard 160 and 160X gearboxes, both EJ and EA series engines

Autoflight H6 Heavy Duty gearbox

Autoflight Heavy Duty H6 gearbox attached to a sixcylinder Subaru, H6 engine

160 gearbox type, input gear and rubber drive

Autoflight 140N engine cylinderhead

Autoflight Heavy Duty H6 300 gearbox bolted to an H6 3L Subaru engine

An Autoflight Universal unit attached to a Kawasaki jet ski engine.Offset down setting

The Autoflight EJU type (for EJ series engines, offset up)

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