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Autoflight Reduction Gearboxes

Autoflight Reduction Gearboxes

The choices of reduction drives available to owner builders just got bigger with the release to the market of a range of reduction drives suited to the Subaru engine of any of the other airmotive powerplants available off the shelf.

The gear units are mounted in double row angular contact high load bearings.

A choice of three ratios is available and five variants of the gearbox are possible.
The ratios are 2.21:1, 2.47:1 and 2.94:1
The first variant will fit the Subaru EA81 and 82 series engines. These can be mounted offset down or up.
The next drives fit the Subaru EJ single cam series of engines. Again, these can be mounted offset down or up
The final variant is a universal drive which can be mounted to a wide range of motors via an adaptor plate