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Technical Specifications and availability

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Take off roll: 100 feet depending on conditions
Landing roll: zero to 10 feet depending on conditions
Maximum Speed: 95 mph
Minimum Speed: 0 mph
Flight Ceiling: > 10000 feet
Engine Specifications
Engine: SUB4, 1800cc, 115 dyno proven hp, 92kg wet,
Reduction Drive: Compact SUB4 gear drive with rubber cush mechanism using 2.21:1 reduction
Ignition System: Full dual SUB4 system
Exhaust System: 4 into 1 ceramic coated free-flow design
Airframe Specifications
Length: 4.30 m
Width: 2.20 m
Height: 2.95 m
Rotor System: 28 foot Dragon Wings, the lightest, most efficient blades on the market
Pre-Rotator: High performance hydraulic (other options available - contact us)
Trim System: In flight adjustable system (electric)
Propellor: Warp Drive 72 inch with Nickel leading edge
Rudder: Full flying tall tail with large aerodynamic horizontal stabiliser
Full Dual Flight Controls: Suitable as a training aircraft
Suspension Rear: Dual pneumatic rising rate system with 8.5 inches of available wheel travel
Suspension Front: Telescoping pneumatic strut with resonance damper
Seat: 70 litre ergonomic fuel tank and front 40 litre fuel tank (supplied not connected)
Brakes: Lightweight differential disc brakes
Pod: Instrument pod supplied (optional semi-enclosed pod with windscreen also available)
Engine cooling system: Lightweight aluminium radiator and plumbing
Engine fuel system: Single electric fuel pump (optional dual pumps also available)
Instruments: VDO oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, tachometer, hourmeter all supplied
Steel components: 4130 grade
Aluminium components: 6061 T6 grade
Control Rod Ends: Aircraft quality as used by Pacific Aerospace
Hardware: Aircraft grade AN certified
Welding: Eutectic Tig and High Tensile Steel Braze
Note Also: The welded steel engine mounting frame is supplied with fittings enabling it to be pressurised and fitted with a monitoring system if you choose.
All aluminium components are supplied ex our machining centres ready for your choice of polishing / anodising / painting.
All steel components are supplied primed to prevent corrosion during production and delivery. We recommend bead blasting preparation back to bare metal prior to applying your chosen paint system.

Dominator Autogyros are sold as comprehensive kits ready for painting and final assembly. The only components you need to purchase and fit yourself are your choice of aircraft instruments. We can offer an assembly option if you require. You may need to consider freight costs and any local import duties or sales taxes. Pricing varies with options and the NZ dollar exchange rate. Please contact us for current information.


Our production is always booked in advance so we seldom have stock aircraft available. Orders may be placed with 50% deposit for the next available production run. We have a standard contract which can be forwarded to you on request. Please contact us for more details.
Our current production run is sold. We welcome order enquiries for our next production run commencing January 2003 for expected delivery in April 2003.